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webp is a relatively new format for image compression, this format is currently supported in many modern and popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox and ….

Adding webp helps to improve the speed and quality of your web, and reduce your users’ data consumption.

The plugin in front of you, without any settings or access to an external server, made webp version for uploaded images as soon as they are uploaded. No adjustments or fees are required. for more info please look at FAQ.


Installation requirements?

We use PHP GD extention which is available in most wordpress websites, as it is required by wordpress.
We recommend you to always use latest PHP, WordPress, database and webserver.

will my images replaced by webp?

No! this plugin create webp version aside uploaded version, so no file or setting will be changed. For example if you upload wordpress.jpeg, the webp is available in name wordpress.webp, in same folder, as soon as upload finish.

What formats are supported?

For now only jp(e)g and png, as GD not support gif for webp, we dont so.
1. image.jpg
2. image.jpeg
3. image.png

Remember, we support ALPHA CHANNEL for png.

How it works? How i check?

It works automatically wherever you upload an image by wordpress, even in posts!
For check, simple replace your image extention by webp, for example you uploaded an image, the normal URI is https://…/image.png, change the “png” to webp.

For display web images in website, there is some ways:
1. Use an optimized theme that support webp
2. Use .htaccess rules
3. Use modernize.js method
4. Use cache plugin that support webp, i recommend the Cache Enabler plugin.

Upload takes more time!

Plugin converts files in-the-fly mean in uploading time, so it is normal.

i deleted a file, should i delete webp verison manually?

No, plugin removes webp versions once you delete a picture by WordPress Media Library.

i found a bug/want to ask a feature!

go here:


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