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Chat button for ISL Pronto


Add a chat button to your site that works with ISL Pronto. Supports cloud or conference proxy installs.

Enable the chat button globally in Settings, or use the islpronto shortcode to only have it appear on certain pages.

For most sites, just edit settings under ISL Pronto and enable on all pages for a quick start.

Shortcode support

The plugin also includes shortcode support in case you want to have visitors on different pages routed to different operator groups, or just to try it out.

[islpronto domain="" filter="" offlineurl="" imagepath="" scripturl="" position=""]
  • domain – Domain name to append to the script URL. Used to direct chat requests to the right operators.
  • filter – Filter to append to script URL. Used to direct chat requests to the right operators.
  • offlineurl – The URL visitors should reach when no operators are online.
  • imagepath – Path to ISL Pronto image files for the chat button.
  • scripturl – URL of the ISL Pronto script.
  • position – Where to display the chat button on the page.


What should my script URL be?

If you are using the cloud service, you don’t need to change the script URL.
If you are using a conference proxy, ask your administrator for the right URL.

My offline image works but the online image is not what I uploaded. Why?

If you are using a conference proxy, make sure your administrator knows the image path you plan to use.
Also be sure your domain value is set correctly.


18 oktobris, 2023
Website was attacked all night after this plugin was installed, hundreds of login attempts from all over the world. However it does work.
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  • Created position_class filter for CSS class
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