Edit Image Thumbnails Separately


Separate editing of image thumbnails is deprecated and disabled since WordPress 6.3. This plugin re-enables it in order to maintain specific user requirements and workflows.

WordPress has been using responsive images since version 4.4. Because of that having custom, non-proportional image sub-sizes is not considered a good practice. It reduces the number of images that can be used for responsive loading, and at the same time produces an image that cannot be loaded responsively as there are no other matching sizes for it.

To re-enable editing and saving of image thumbnails separately, install and activate this plugin. To disable it again, deactivate and delete the plugin.


1 novembris, 2023
A basic functionality that should have remained in the core of WordPress, thanks to the team for this essential plugin
19 oktobris, 2023
Good to have this plugin. Thank you for your engagement.
19 oktobris, 2023
Just found out that this functionality was removed in WP 6.3 and this plugin is a must-have. It helps with creating custom thumbnails from the featured image, that are shown in search engine results (and if there's another way to create them, I have no idea what it is).
26 septembris, 2023
I appreciate Wordpress's desire to be efficient and fast, but it can't be at the expense of flexibility for the user. I'm glad this plugin exists because it's very important to me to be able to decide how a thumbnail is cropped. You can't always just leave it to a CSS rule. Please keep maintaining this plugin so we can keep our sites beautiful and functional.
30 augusts, 2023 1 atbilde
"hAvInG cUsToM, nOn-pRoPoRtiOnaL iMaGe sUb-SiZeS iS nOt cOnSiDeReD a GoOd pRaCtiCe" FFS as if loading an extra 150-pixel image is that big of a problem these days, particularly when it's often the ONLY version of the image that's called by the theme on a given page. 🙄 The point of "responsiveness" is usability, so removing this functionality from core is actually a LESS responsive approach in cases where the large image loses all of its legibility/visibility/attractiveness and thus value to the page when it is scaled down - for example headshots of people where there is only room for their cropped-in face on small screens. Anyway thanks for releasing this, works great. Please don't abandon it.
15 augusts, 2023
Don't know what was the reason to remove this feature. But with this plugin it works again. Thank you.
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