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Hot Linked Image cacher with keywords


This plugin caches your hotlinked images from posts and saves it with provided keywords.

How does this plugin work:

  • After you activate the plugin, this plugin will automatically save all hotlinked image to your own server.
  • Curl is required to download images to your server.
  • Uses WordPress default upload functions to upload the downloaded images to wordpress upload directory.
  • You can process olders posts aswell in plugin’s page.
  • You can provide set of keywords to name the hotlinked image when saved to your server.


Upload the Hot Linked Image cacher with keywords widget plugin to your blog and Activate it.

You’re done!


4 jūlijs, 2020
This plugin seems like it probably did quite well earlier, but it has a couple downsides to it: – It doesn’t bring in all images on each post, just the first one, so you may need to run it multiple times. – It doesn’t add them to the media manager in Wordpress, so you’ll need to use another extension like Media Sync to fix that after the fact. If those aren’t dealbreakers, you can still get use out of the plugin even in Wordpress 5. However I had better experience switching to the plugin “Cache Images” instead.
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