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Placeholder it


This plugin contains a widget that can be used to show placeholders on widget areas where you still have to do some
work. It uses the webservice of “www.placehold.it” to generate the image.

This plugin comes in handy if you have a customer that you would like to show the layout of his upcoming website
and can use placeholders to show him the proportions and with the use of text, what comes where.

You can customize the text and the colors,
and you can add wrappers and wrapper classes. The settings page makes it possible to work with default values of your
own choice.

This plugin owes credits to: Tareq Hasan for I have used his Settings Class for the settings page.
http://tareq.weDevs.com Tareq’s Planet

After the plugin is activated you can start immediattely adding widgets, but you could also have a look first
at the plugin’s options that can be found in the settings menu of WordPress.

Here you can change the defaults that are used when you add a new widgets. But remember that any widgets that are
already set, will not automatically get any changes you’ve made to the defaults. Changes only apply to widgets
configured after you’ve changed the default values of the plugin.

This plugin has been developed and tested with WordPress version 4.3.1

additional classes

You can also add some classes before and after the widget, to match it with your own development CSS.


If your site supports bootstrap, you can use the bootstrap classes in the wrappers (f.e. “col-md-6”). To make sure
that the placeholders are nicely filling the space you should make the dimensions a lot bigger than the size of the
column, bootstrap css will make that the placeholders fit in the columns.

You can use the “img-responsive” class as well to make sure that the placeholder will resize responsively.


This plugin requires internet connection

Coding by: Johan van de Merwe

This plugin nor the creator of this plugin is affiliated with the developers of www.placehold.it.
The plugin comes as it is and is depending on the availability of the www.placehold.it webservice.

What this plugin is not

With this plugin you can place placeholders with text or dimensions, that’s it. No images of cats, dogs or pizza’s.
Just boring looking placeholders. The developers have no intention to develop this plugin any further than that.
For placeholder plugins with cats, dogs or pizza’s, you have to look for another plugin. The placeholders in this
plugin are just for development and preview purpose only and are not meant for keeping them on your final production
website, nor can it be used for placeholding in case real images don’t exist.


  • Interface of the plugin settings
  • Interface of the widget
  • Sample of placeholder (1)
  • Sample of placeholder (2)


  1. Upload directory placeholder-it-widget to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Change the defaults in the settings page (if you like)
  4. Add the widgets to any widget areas you like.
  5. You are done!

Don’t forget to deactivate the plugin and remove any remaining placeholders when your website is finished.


I have some questions and I want support where can I go?

http://www.enovision.net/contact/ and drop your question.


Par šo spraudni nav atsauksmju.

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