Lasīt vairāk bez atsvaidzināšanas


Introducing the Read More Without Refresh WordPress plugin – your key to elevating user experience on your website.

Say goodbye to the cumbersome page reloads that disrupt seamless content exploration. With our plugin, readers can now effortlessly access more of your valuable content without any interruptions and boost your SEO!

Key Features:

  • Instant Content Expansion: Enjoy a smooth ‘Read More’ transition without the need for page refreshes. Keep your visitors engaged and immersed in your content effortlessly.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on your site longer by providing a frictionless reading experience. The Read More Without Refresh plugin ensures your content flows seamlessly, creating a positive impression on your audience.
  • SEO-Friendly Design: Our plugin is crafted with SEO in mind. Maintain optimal search engine visibility while providing an enhanced reading experience for your audience. A win-win for both search engines and site visitors.

It works via a shortcode and can be placed everywhere and you can style its colors through its settings menu. Feel free to try its frontend demo here, to take a look at this YouTube videocast.

Shortcode usage: [read more] Your long text [/read]


Check out the PRO VERSION

Unlock Premium Features with the PRO Version: Upgrade to the Read More Without Refresh PRO version for an even more powerful toolkit to boost your website’s performance.


  • Google Analytics Integration

    Gain valuable insights into user behavior by tracking the performance of each ‘Read More’ link. Monitor user engagement, identify popular content, and refine your strategy for a more effective online presence.
  • Dynamic Override of “Read More” and “Read Less” Texts

    Customize the text displayed for ‘Read More’ and ‘Read Less’ based on your brand’s voice and tone. Tailor the messaging to align seamlessly with your content, enhancing the overall user experience and reinforcing your brand identity.
  • Why Upgrade to PRO?

    • Advanced Analytics (Dive deep into user interaction patterns and optimize your content strategy for maximum impact)
    • Text Customization (Align the ‘Read More’ and ‘Read Less’ messages with your brand’s messaging strategy for a cohesive user experience)
    • Priority Support (Enjoy priority assistance from our dedicated support team to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience with the PRO features)
    • Enhance your WordPress site today with the Read More Without Refresh plugin, and take it to the next level with the PRO version’s advanced features. Elevate user satisfaction, improve SEO, and make your content shine!

    Check out the PRO VERSION


    • Poga Lasīt vairāk ir deaktivizēta
    • Poga Lasīt vairāk ir aktivizēta (pēc klikšķa)
    • Wp-admin iestatījumu lapa


    Viss, kas jums jādara, ir augšupielādēt spraudni savā WordPress spraudņu izvēlnē un to aktivizēt.

    Pēc tam jūs varat pievienot īso kodu visur, kur vēlaties (lapas, ziņas, logrīki utt.):

    [read more] jūsu slēptais teksts šeit [/read]

    Protams, jūs varat mainīt tekstus “Lasīt vairāk” un “Lasīt mazāk” uz vēlamo tekstu, kā arī citus iestatījumus wp-admin izvēlnes lapā ‘RMWF iestatījumi’ .

    In case that you have any support inquiries, feel free to contact us.


    Vai tas ir savietojams ar katru WordPress versiju?

    tā ir!

    Kā ar Gūtenberga saderību?

    tas darbojas!


    16 maijs, 2024 2 atbildes
    I added the shortcode (using Classic editor) to hide / unhide text in my post and it broke my sidebar, it pushed it to the bottom of the page. There are not many options in the free version to tinker with it, so I can’t do anything to fix it. Pity because it works well for the purpose it’s created, but I can’t have a broken post layout.
    24 septembris, 2023
    I love this plugin. I have had it active on one website for about 6 months now and have not noticed any weirdness. It works great. I wish the plugin had a paid upgrade so I could be more sure of its future existence and quality.
    11 maijs, 2023 1 atbilde
    Great plugin, the others are TOO heavy. Thanks! Suggestion, if I may? Wish “Change Naming”/” could also be achieved via the shortcode, in my instance, I am using the plugin to hide/show song lyrics, wish I could add the song title for each instance. Also, I wish that in addition to “Border Bottom”, there was an option for a full solid border – Button like style Again, great plugin, THANKS!
    27 aprīlis, 2023 1 atbilde
    I’m a user not a developer, and Read More Without Refresh has been a really excellent plugin for me. It has revolutionised my writing – I can get the main points across succinctly and tuck details away in a read more for someone who is interested in more. I have been using the Classic Editor and am now trying to migrate to Gutenberg. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I have tried entering [read more] xxx [/read] into the code editor in a Paragraph Block, a Classic Block and a Shortcode Block, but so far without success. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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