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aprīlis 27, 2019
this is an awesome plugin, please update it cant find any other plugin like it....though wish i could import the rss images better
aprīlis 15, 2019
Seems to work, but... it only imports 25 of my blogposts from Blogger, although it says it has 124 and counting. Also categories are not imported, even if I checked twice that it was set. Other then that, I believe it would be a great plugin. Working with WP 5.1.1
jūlijs 26, 2018
It is very basic but it not that bad, it imports 2-3 lines of content from popular websites. There is an issue and featured images do not appear.
jūlijs 9, 2018
I installed the plugin. All it actually does is import the title into a post. Then it says to import the actual text get a 14-day free trial. You click on that and brings you to PayPal for a $949 USD annual subscription. Don't waste your time. Why would this not be in the description if they were honest? PS on their Website it states there is a $19/month membership and pro is $349/ yearly but when you get to PayPal it asks only for $949. Also, other posts mention that there is no support answer and the plugin has not been updated in over a year. Obviously, something going on.
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