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Simple 301 Redirects – Addon – Bulk Uploader


This is an ADDON plugin to give further functionality to the plugin Simple 301 Redirects plugin.

Simple 301 Redirects – Addon – Bulk Uploader adds an extra section to the settings tab
to upload a CSV of old and new URL’s to input into the Simple 301 Redirects plugin. An example CSV is bundled in with the plugin to get you going quickly.

The plugin checks for duplicate old URLs and alerts you of these in the summary after your CSV has been processed.

If you have any suggestions or would like to see a feature in the plugin, please let me know in the support forum.

Any issues you are having, I’d also love to know, so again, please let me know using the support forum.


Many thanks to Ash Durham, for his great contribution to the development of this plugin.
He has excellent projects, you can find out about them here @kingproplugins on Twitter, KingProPlugins on Facebook or King Pro Plugins on Google+

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  1. Download and unzip the zip file onto your computer
  2. Upload the ‘simple-301-bulk-uploader’ folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory (alternatively, install the plugin from the plugin directory within the admin)
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Drag the widget into your sidebar and modify the settings or insert the shortcode into a post or theme template.

Having Trouble? Get support either on the support forums here or at @kingproplugins on Twitter, KingProPlugins on Facebook or King Pro Plugins on Google+


What is a CSV?

A CSV is a Comma-Separated Values file, which put simply, is a spreadsheet saved in a particular format.

What can I use to create a CSV?

To easily create a CSV file, use a spreadsheet program like Excel or Open Office Spreadsheets. Simple 301 Redirects – Addon – Bulk Uploader is setup to handle a 2 column
CSV with the old URL in the first column and the new URL in the second column.

Have a question thats not listed? Get support either on the support forums here or at @kingproplugins on Twitter, KingProPlugins on Facebook or King Pro Plugins on Google+


11 februāris, 2020
Plugin created a vulnerability that was exploited en mass, no telling how many sites were infected. Plugin also displays an ad for an unrelated plugin on every page of the dashboard. Has confused clients who think their agency is telling them to install a plugin. Ads were added in an update so this most affected long-term users who kept things up to date. This is a simple plugin with too many issues. Avoid.
14 augusts, 2019 6 atbildes
This plugin has been causing many sites to have spam links injected into the 301 redirects. Users going to your site are then redirected to malicious websites. The author has not sufficiently alerted users to the severity of having this plugin not be updated. I’m not even certain the latest updated version fixed the issue. The changelog says nothing about it. Thus, do not trust this plugin. It causes a severe security issue, and the devs have not owned up to the problem. To fix the issue, delete the spam redirects in the 301 Redirect Settings (I had 3), and be sure to remove this plugin. Having the regular 301 redirect plugin installed and active is still fine.
12 augusts, 2019 4 atbildes
Just had this plugin used to hack my site and send it to JackieLovesDogs, then onto a spammy site. Avoid at all costs and delete this (and the 301 redirect plugin) ASAP!
Lasīt 25 atsauksmes

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Izmaiņu žurnāls


  • Fixing vulnerabilities


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.0


  • Fix some bugs


  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • Bug fixes


  • Added mime type “plain/text”


  • Added mime type “application/ms-excel”
  • Added mime type “application/x-excel”


  • Updated permissions to match that of the parent plugin
  • Another mime type added
  • Added icons for WP4.0


  • Addition of another mime type
  • Addition of some error code to help determine mime type issues


  • Addition of another mime type found in Firefox


  • Update to deprecated user levels to the matching role


  • Added ability to delete 301 redirect list


  • Update to allowed file type list


  • Export to CSV feature


  • Option added to force PHP to auto detect line endings


  • Adding back a mistakenly removed mime type


  • Addition of another mime type


  • Addition of further mime types


  • Update to uploader to read the file coming from a PC


  • Initial