Šī spraudnis nav atjaunināts vairāk kā divus gadus. Varbūt, tas vairs netiek uzturēts, nesaņemt atbalstu un tam var būt saderības problēmas ar jaunākām WordPress versijām.

Constellation: Smart Tools for WooCommerce


Before we delve with features, I need to make a short premise about myself. I’m a Success Coach, I help entrepreneurs and business owners to reach better quality customers, explore niches, sell more and develop their brand. This said I started over 20 years ago as a software developer, the passion for coding never left me, I code various things in many, different languages, but I have never coded a WordPress plug-in before today.

So far, I have included in this plug-in 10 (see the roadmap) features that will help you improve your sales on your shop. A quick example: I have noticed that in some cases you will sell more sale products, when instead of showing the generic ‘On sale’ badge, you show the actual % of price reduction. You can simply achieve this with this plug-in in its free version as well. I have also included features more oriented for organized businesses, however since I have been a young entrepreneur I offer the possibility to have your own full set of features with a lifetime plan.

Now without further ado, let’s get what is in the pack…


  • Out of Stock Notice: Add a notice when a product with stock management is out of stock, you can use this to put pressure on customers and show them that your products actually sell. Works great when you show low stock quantities.
  • Display Discount Percentage: Display the % of price reduction of an item. For items with variants, show the max percentage inside the item. We had good results using this instead of the \’On Sale\’ badge, as numbers draws more attention.
  • Removes the On Sale Badge: Removes the \’on sale\’ badge on discounted items. You can use this in combination with Display Discount Percentage to tell your customers the product is on sale and by how much is the discount.
  • Price Shortcode by ID: Allow you to use WooCommerce shortcode to show the item price, looking it up by item ID. It may sound something really trivial, but we had quite a few requests for this from our e-commerce customers.


  • Add Custom Column (check the roadmap): Add one custom column on your backend, that will show a specific product taxonomy. You can use this to show any data that is important to you.
  • Skip Cart Page (Buy Now): Turn your store in a superfast converting machine. Skip the cart page and deliver the customer to the payment page whenever he adds and item to the cart. Useful when customers usually buy only one item.
  • Send Email on Cancelled Orders: Send the customer an email whenever the order is cancelled or failed. You can customize the WooCommerce email templates for further customization.
  • Add GDPR Compliant Checkbox (check the roadmap): Show a really GDPR-compliant checkbox on payment page, just after the terms & conditions. This is an evergreen request for customers located in the EU, as you may guess.
  • Auto Membership (check the roadmap): Set a user role upon specific item purchase. For a specific product, it will change the role from \’customer\’ to the role that you set.
  • Add P.IVA / VAT to Billing: Add one extra field to your customer billing details, confirmation email and in your backend. Usually VAT number is a really popular request.

Vote in the roadmap

  • Possibility to have more than 1 additional column
  • Possibility to have more than 1 custom field in billing
  • Extending the Membership functionalities
  • Localization in: Italian, French, German, Spanish and Polish (I need translators!)
  • Bulk Coupon Generator: Easily generate thousands of coupons, useful for AppSumo listing and other use case.


  • Welcome/Index page
  • Basic Features
  • Pro Features – Part 1
  • Pro Features – Part 2


Download, upload, install and activate.

You will also need WooCommerce 5.7+ already installed. Pretty intuitive, see the screenshots.

For support requests, roadmap and feature suggestion, visit the Discord channel

To connect with me, please use my LinkedIn profile.

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== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Why don’t you have a FAQ section yet?

The plug-in is fresh, I didn’t have chance to collect user feedback and questions to fill up this section. Also, the usage is really trivial, should be straightforward for most people. Should you get stuck, please reach the support on Discord


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Izmaiņu žurnāls

1.1.0 New: Re-branded, now finally we have a dedicated website
1.0.9 UX: Implemented tab navigation and reduced the number of the menus
Fix: Corrected the classes with prefix ‘stwc’ instead of ‘swtc’
Fix: Corrected the class used for ‘Out of Stock Notice’ from ‘stwc-onsale’ to ‘stwc-oosn’
UX: Removed the ‘Upgrade Deal’ menu for Pro users
1.0.8 New: Added a preview about the upcoming feature.
1.0.7 UI: Improved the colors used for readability.
1.0.6 Fix: Improved the tools layout reducing the scroll required.
1.0.5 Fix: Corrected conditional compiling.
Merged ‘Advanced’ plan with ‘Professional’ plan into a ‘Pro’ plan.
1.0.2 Fix: Paid versions were not saving settings.
1.0.1 Fix: Free version was not working.
1.0.0 Nothing new