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Top Social Stories Free


This plugin collects social data (without slowing down your site!) and shows you which of your posts and authors are most popular based on how many times each post has been shared on various social networks.

Top Social Stories are your best posts, the most shared on social networks. This plugin gives you a social metrics tool to analyze and discover your most viral posts: you can see statistics about how many Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Vkontakte interactions you have every day for each post, each author and globally for all your site. When you install it wait some days to let the plugin collect data from social networks and then it will build ranks for authors and posts.

If you are you using social share buttons on your site, than you need this plugin to save data and monitor social interactions!

Upgrading to Top Social Stories complete version

This plugin is the free version of a more complete plugin available for purchase ($19 on CodeCanyon.net).
It’s quick and painless to get the complete version (if you want to upgrade from Free version). Simply get Top Social Stories on CodeCanyon remove the Free plugin and install your new plugin! You can then see charts of already collected data, and use many more settings & features and enjoy the benefits of the complete version such as the authors’rank widget, shortcodes and more!

Features added in full version

  1. No period limits in analytics
  2. Charts analytics for collected data
  3. Widget without period limit
  4. Widget for best authors
  5. Email alerts for authors


  1. Upload the “top-social-stories-free” directory in your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Go to the “Settings > Top Stories Settings” and save options
  4. Wait some days to let the plugin collect data (this period depends on the traffic of your site, more visits you have the fast it collects!)
  5. Go to the “Posts > Top Social Stories” to see ranks and analytics
  6. Configure a widget if you need a popular rank by social shares!
  7. Since 11/20/2015 if you need twitter tweets counters you have to configure OpenShareCount service to get twitter counters back (it’s very easy!).
  8. Since 08/08/2016 Facebook counters need the configuration of a Facebook App to get App ID and App secrets to put in the configuration of this plugin.


How long does it take to collect data?

It depends on the traffic of your site and the “ajax delay calls parameter”, if you have a lot of traffic and put the “ajax delay calls parameter” to 5-10 seconds, it will take many data in a few hours. After install you should wait a few days to get a lot of data, but you can reload the analytics page every time you want to see changes in collected data.

Does it slow down my site?

No, data are collected asyncronously with javascript, after some seconds (this is the “ajax delay calls parameter”) that the page is loaded.

Can I show shares counters in my theme?

Yes you can activate the export feature to save counters on custom fields for each post (you will find ‘facebook_shares’, ‘twitter_shares’ fields… one for each social network). Then you have to use the standard custom fields function to extract data.


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Izmaiņu žurnāls

1.83 – 2016-12-05

Added ‘News’ section on future updates and minor changes in UI

1.82 – 2016-08-27

Fixed facebook counters, use new config panel to set your Facebook App ID and App Secret

1.80 – 2015-11-24

Fixed twitter counters, tweets counters are back.

1.79 – 2015-11-23

Fix for handling twitter problem

1.76 – 2015-09-13

Css url fixed

1.75 – 2015-03-10

Home url fixed for links in widget

1.72 – 2014-11-28

First free version

1.73 – 2014-12-02

Small bug fixing and better user experience

1.74 – 2015-03-05

Css bug fixed