CartBounty – Saglabā un atgūsti WooCommerce pamestos pirkumu grozus


All online stores suffer from shopping cart abandonment. CartBounty helps to save abandoned carts in WooCommerce and send effective abandoned cart reminder messages to recover lost sales.

  • View shopping carts in real-time
  • Save abandoned carts
  • Automate abandoned cart recovery
  • Get more leads and reduce cart abandonment
  • Actions and filters for advanced configuration
  • Fully compliant with GDPR

With thoughtful user experience, built-in efficiency tools and ability to integrate with other systems, CartBounty is a powerful addition to your marketing arsenal.

Live shopping cart monitoring

CartBounty saves and displays all shopping cart activity from the moment a product is added to the cart.

  • Analyze most popular cart items
  • View ghost (guest) carts
  • Get notified about newly abandoned carts
  • Export abandoned carts (Pro)
  • Prevent bots from leaving abandoned carts using invisible Google reCAPTCHA (Pro)

Automate abandoned cart recovery

Save your time with automated abandoned cart recovery and focus your energy on the important stuff.

  • Send abandoned cart reminders using WordPress mail server
  • Integrate and send abandoned cart email series ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and MailChimp (Pro)
  • Use web push notifications to send low-friction, real-time, personal and efficient reminders that don’t require an email or a phone number (Pro)
  • Use webhook to send abandoned cart data and create powerful automations in apps like Make (former Integromat), Pabbly, Zapier or similar (Pro)
  • Integrate and send SMS text message reminders with BulkGate (Pro)
  • Personalize messages with dynamic content (Pro)
  • Generate and send unique coupon codes (Pro)
  • Track message open and click-through rates (Pro)
  • Recover unfinished orders (Pro)
  • Restore Custom product fields (Product addons) and WooCommerce Product Bundles (Pro)
  • Exclude carts from abandoned cart recovery containing specific products or product categories, countries, languages etc. (Pro)
  • Pause / Resume individual abandoned cart recovery (Pro)
  • Translate emails and SMS text messages, WPML plugin support (Pro)

Get more leads and reduce cart abandonment

Use CartBounty efficiency tools to increase your chances of getting more recoverable abandoned carts.

  • Reduce checkout abandonment with built-in “Remember checkout fields” feature which allows store customers to refresh the checkout page after entering their information and walk around the page without losing previously entered data
  • Use Exit Intent popup to minimize cart abandonment and increase sales
  • Gather user’s contact details right after “Add to cart” button is clicked using Early capture (Pro)
  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment by grabbing customer attention and returning them to your store after they have switched to a new browser tab using dynamic Tab notification (Pro)

Take advantage of abandoned cart email series, message personalization and other great features by upgrading to CartBounty Pro.


  • CartBounty novietojums pēc aktivizēšanas
  • Automatizēti atgādinājumu e-pasti par pamestiem pirkumu groziem izmantojot WordPress
  • WordPress atgādinājuma e-pasta iestatījumi
  • WordPress atgādinājuma e-pasta priekšskatījums
  • Iziešanas mēģinājuma iestatījumi
  • Vispārīgie iestatījumi
  • Kā Iziešanas mēģinājuma uzpeldošais logs izskatās brīdī, kad apmeklētājs cenšas pamest lapu


  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new
  2. Search for “CartBounty”
  3. Install and activate CartBounty
  4. Optionally setup automated abandoned cart recovery emails using WordPress recovery
  5. Optionally enable productivity tools like Exit Intent to increase the ratio of recoverable abandoned carts


When is the cart saved?

As soon as the user adds an item to the cart – it automatically is visible to store administrator under CartBounty abandoned carts. At this stage the cart is a ghost cart until an email address, or a phone number is provided from one of the following locations:

As soon as CartBounty has user’s contact information, the ghost cart is turned into a recoverable cart. Once the user places an order – abandoned cart is instantly removed from the list of abandoned carts.

If you would like to enable Unfinished order recovery, please consider upgrading to CartBounty Pro.

When is a cart considered abandoned?

A shopping cart is only considered abandoned after a period of 60 minutes from the last user’s activity with the shopping cart. If you see a “shopping” status in the CartBounty abandoned cart status column, it means the user is still shopping.

Any notifications or reminders will be sent out only after the cart is abandoned and the “shopping” status is gone.

Example. Let’s say you have setup your first abandoned cart recovery email or text message to be sent out after 5 minutes. The user will receive it after around 65 minutes = 60 minutes + 5 minutes.

How to send abandoned cart recovery messages?

Once the cart is abandoned, an automated reminder or a series of multiple reminders over a period can be sent out to the user to remind about items in the shopping cart.

The free version of CartBounty offers basic solution for sending abandoned cart recovery emails using default WordPress mail server. This recovery option works best if you have a small to medium number of abandoned carts.

Upgrade to CartBounty Pro to setup and send automated abandoned cart recovery emails and SMS text messages using these integrations:

  • ActiveCampaign* offers exceptional ways to automate your abandoned carts using If/Else statements to create different actions and triggers when to send out emails.
  • GetResponse* is a beautifully designed email marketing platform to save and recover online abandoned shopping carts.
  • MailChimp* offers a forever Free plan that you can use to send abandoned cart recovery emails.
  • BulkGate* is a perfect channel for sending personalized, time-sensitive SMS text messages like abandoned cart reminders.

Ja jūsu sūtītie e-pasti nesasniedz adresātus vai tie nokļūst mēstulēs, jūs varētu pamēģināt pāriet no noklusētā WordPress e-pasta uz SMTP e-pastu sūtīšanu. Lai to izdarītu, lejupielādējiet un uzstādiet kādu no bezmaksas pieejamajiem WordPress SMTP spraudņiem.

What are ghost carts?

Ghost or guest cart is a shopping cart that can’t be identified. The user has added one or multiple items to the cart but hasn’t provided any contact information that could be later used to recover it.

You might be wondering why someone would want to save such carts. There can be many reasons, here are a few:

  • Monitor live shopping cart activity and have a better overview of what is happening in your store
  • Find which are the most popular products added to the cart
  • Information about the potential revenue from abandoned carts

CartBounty settings allow you to disable ghost carts or allow them only from specific countries.

Kā Iziešanas mēģinājuma tehnoloģija darbojas?

Exit Intent technology is a clever mechanism for tracking user behavior like mouse movements, scroll speed and scroll direction to identify and help predict user’s intent to leave the site. Once the intent to abandon the store is detected, a popup is presented to engage the user. The goal of Exit Intent popup is to encourage user to finish the order or get user’s contact information which later can be used in abandoned cart recovery.

Learn more about Exit Intent Technology and the principles of Mobile Exit Intent popup.

How to use CartBounty templates?

Public facing portions of CartBounty like Exit Intent popup and WordPress recovery emails can be easily adjusted using plugin settings. However, if you require more, you can use CartBounty templates that come along with the plugin or make use of the available actions and filters.

You will find all available template files inside /plugins/woo-save-abandoned-carts-pro/templates folder. When you open these files, you will notice they all contain hooks that allow you to add, edit or remove content without the need to edit template files themselves. This method protects against plugin upgrade issues, as the template files can be left completely untouched.

Please copy the template file you require to your active theme to keep your customization intact after plugin updates. You can copy them to either one of these locations:

  • your_theme_name/templates/emails/cartbounty-email-light.php
  • your_theme_name/templates/cartbounty-exit-intent.php
  • your_theme_name/cartbounty-exit-intent.php

Now you can edit your copied template file and it will override the CartBounty default template file.

What Actions and Filters are available?

Along with the customization options available in plugin settings, CartBounty also allows the use of different hooks for advanced customization. These hooks are an excellent way if you are looking to alter or extend the features of CartBounty without modifying the core files of the plugin.

Below you will find a list of hooks available in CartBounty alongside different examples. When using these actions and filters to modify the plugin, please add your code in the functions.php file of your theme.

Vispārīgie āķi


  • cartbounty_from_email
  • cartbounty_waiting_time
  • cartbounty_include_tax
  • cartbounty_price_format
  • cartbounty_display_currency_code

Te būs piemērs kā nomainīt e-pasta paziņojumu izsūtīšanas adresi izmantojot “cartbounty_from_email” filtru. Lūdzu pievienojiet to savas aktīvās tēmas functions.php datnei:

function change_from_email( $html ){
    return '';
add_filter( 'cartbounty_from_email', 'change_from_email' );

Piemērs kā mainīt noklusēto gaidīšanas laiku pēc kura pirkumu grozs tiks uzskatīts par pamestu no noklusētajām 60 minūtēm uz 30 minūtēm izmantojot “cartbounty_waiting_time” filtru. Lūdzu pievienojiet to savas aktīvās tēmas functions.php datnei:

function change_waiting_time( $minutes ){
    return 30; //Minimum allowed time is 20 minutes
add_filter( 'cartbounty_waiting_time', 'change_waiting_time' );

Piemērs, kā attēlot pamesto pirkumu grozu produktu cenas bez nodokļiem:

add_filter( 'cartbounty_include_tax', '__return_false' );

Iziešanas mēģinājuma āķi

Exit Intent template contains different actions and filters that allow you to create new, edit, replace, or remove existing content including the main image in Exit Intent window.


  • cartbounty_exit_intent_start
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_before_form_fields
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_end


  • cartbounty_exit_intent_close_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_image_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_title_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_description_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_field_html
  • cartbounty_exit_intent_button_html

Te būs piemērs kā pievienot papildus apakšvirsrakstu pēc galvenā virsraksta izmantojot “cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title” darbības āķi (hooks). Lūdzu pievienojiet to savas tēmas functions.php datnē:

function add_extra_html_after_title() {
    echo "<p>Additional subtitle here...</p>";
add_action('cartbounty_exit_intent_after_title', 'add_extra_html_after_title' );

Piemērs kā nomainīt galveno attēlu izmantojot filtru:

function modify_image( $html ){
    return '<img src=""/>';
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_image_html', 'modify_image' );

Piemērs kā veikt galvenā virsraksta maiņu izmantojot filtru:

function modify_title( $html ) {
    $custom_title = 'Your text here...';
    return preg_replace('#(<h2[^>]*>).*?(</h2>)#', "$1 $custom_title $2", $html);
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_title_html', 'modify_title' );

Piemērs kā veikt apraksta maiņu izmantojot filtru:

function modify_description( $html ){
    $custom_description = 'New description here...';
    return preg_replace('#(<p[^>]*>).*?(</p>)#', "$1 $custom_description $2", $html);
add_filter( 'cartbounty_exit_intent_description_html', 'modify_description' );

WordPress e-pasta āķi

WordPress pamesto grozu atgādinājumu e-pastu šablonā ir iestrādāti dažādi filtri un āķi, kuri paredzēti, lai mainītu e-pasta izskatu.


  • cartbounty_automation_before_title
  • cartbounty_automation_after_title
  • cartbounty_automation_after_intro
  • cartbounty_automation_after_button
  • cartbounty_automation_footer_start
  • cartbounty_automation_footer_end


  • cartbounty_automation_title_html
  • cartbounty_automation_intro_html
  • cartbounty_automation_button_html
  • cartbounty_automation_copyright
  • cartbounty_automation_footer_address_1
  • cartbounty_automation_footer_address_2
  • cartbounty_automation_unsubscribe_html

Kā pievienot papildus saturu tieši pirms galvenā virsraksta WordPress sūtītajā atgādinājuma e-pastā:

function cartbounty_automation_add_extra_title(){
    esc_html_e( 'Additional content before main title', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts' );
add_action( 'cartbounty_automation_before_title', 'cartbounty_automation_add_extra_title' );

Kā lietot filtru, lai mainītu galveno virsrakstu:

function cartbounty_alter_automation_title( $title ){
    return '<h1 style="font-size: 60px; padding-bottom: 30px;">'. __('My new title', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts') .'</h1>';
add_filter( 'cartbounty_automation_title_html', 'cartbounty_alter_automation_title' );

Piemērs kā aizstāt esošās pogas nosaukumu no “Pabeigt pirkumu” uz “Atgriezties pie groza”:

function cartbounty_alter_automation_button( $button ){
    return str_replace( 'Complete checkout', __('Return to cart', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts') , $button);
add_filter( 'cartbounty_automation_button_html', 'cartbounty_alter_automation_button' );

Kā mainīt noklusēto kājenes adresi. Pēc noklusējuma tiek izmantota WooCommerce ievadītā veikala adrese, taču to iespējams mainīt ar filtra palīdzību:

function cartbounty_alter_automation_footer_address_1( $address ){
    esc_html_e('First address line...', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts');
add_filter( 'cartbounty_automation_footer_address_1', 'cartbounty_alter_automation_footer_address_1' );

function cartbounty_alter_automation_footer_address_2( $address ){
    esc_html_e('Second address line...', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts');
add_filter( 'cartbounty_automation_footer_address_2', 'cartbounty_alter_automation_footer_address_2' );

Kā liegt botiem atstāt neatpazīstamus pirkumu grozus?

Ja ir novēroti neierasti apjomi ar vairākiem jauniem neatpazīstamiem pirkumu groziem, kuri atstāti gandrīz vienā laikā, no vienas un tās pašas valsts un, kuri satur vienu produkta vienību, tas varētu nozīmēt, ka šos pirkumu grozus ir izveidojuši boti, kuri viesojas jūsu veikalā.

Botus varam iedalīt divās grupās – labajos un sliktajos botos.

  • Labie boti. Visizplatītākais piemērs labam botam būtu tīmekļa rāpuļprogramma. Tas ir bots, kurš apmeklē jūsu veikalu ar mērķi to indeksēt, lai vēlāk padarītu pieejamu Google meklēšanas rezultātos. Veikalu īpašnieki parasti laipni aicina šos botus, jo tie palīdz meklētājprogrammu rezultātos uzturēt lapu saturu un produktu informāciju aktuālu, kā arī palīdzēs piesaistīt papildus jaunus apmeklētājus vietnei
  • Sliktie boti. Šie boti apmeklē jūsu vietni ļaunprātīgu nolūku vadīti. To darbības svārstās no viegli ļaunām līdz kritiski bīstamām. Sliktie boti apmeklē jūsu vietni, lai atklātu vājās vietas, drošības caurumus, veidus kā pārņemt jūsu veikala vadību, nozagt jūsu klientu kredītkaršu datus utt. Bez visa iepriekš minētā, tie arī palielina slodzi uz jūsu serveri tādējādi palēninot vietnes darbības ātrumu

Ļaunprātīgie boti ir tie, kuri varētu būt atbildīgi par jaunu, neatpazīstamu pirkumu grozu atstāšanu jūsu veikalā. Lai arī tas nerada nekādus tiešus draudus jūsu interneta veikala drošībai, tas var būt nomācoši un kaitinoši. Te būs trīs risinājumi, kā tikt ar šo problēmu galā:

  1. The quick solution is to simply disable ghost carts from being saved by CartBounty. You can do this in the CartBounty Settings tab. As easy as this solution is, it only deals with consequences and does not stop these harmful bots from visiting your store, continuously searching for new vulnerabilities, and slowing down your shop
  2. Labāks risinājums būtu uzstādīt kādu no WordPress spraudņiem, kas palīdzēs ar sliktu botu bloķēšanu. Jūs variet izmēģināt vairākus spraudņus, taču šis varētu būt ļoti labs ar ko sākt: Blackhole for Bad Bots. Tādējādi jūs gan liegsiet piekļuvi šiem botiem savai interneta vietnei, kā arī varēsiet atstāt ieslēgtu nezināmo pirkumu grozu saglabāšanu, lai redzētu kas interesē jūsu apmeklētājiem
  3. Ja nevēlaties uzstādīt jaunu spraudni un jums ir pieejams izstrādātājs, kurš ir gatavs jums palīdzēt – variet pamēģināt šo risinājumu. Vispirms jums jāatrod, kur tiek glabāti jūsu servera apmeklētāju žurnāli un atrast, kuri no apmeklētājiem ir bijuši ļaunprātīgi boti. Pēc tam jūs varēsiet izmantot .htaccess datni, lai liegtu šiem botiem piekļūt jūsu serverim. Te būs ļoti labs raksts par to, kā bloķēt ļaunprātīgus botus, kas sniegs papildus informāciju par šo tēmu

Papildus tam, Pro versijā ir iespējams arī izvēlēties to, vai apmeklētāji no konkrētām valstīm drīkst atstāt neatpazīstamus pirkumu grozus vai nedrīkst, tādējādi nodrošinoties, ka boti no valstīm, kurās nepārdodiet savus produktus, nevarēs atstāt nezināmus grozus.


21 novembra, 2022 2 atbildes
Just what I needed for my shop! I highly recommend it!
22 oktobra, 2022 2 atbildes
I don't know how to get customers to decide to buy, but at least I see there is traffic in the eshop
20 septembra, 2022 2 atbildes
We highly recommend this plugin, thanks to the team for saving us abandoned carts. Its a game changer.
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  • Increased maximum abandoned cart sync period from 30 to 100 days
  • Improved emoji support
  • Fixed ghost and recoverable cart count update
  • Fixed a warning if email input field missing from Checkout page
  • Fixed WordPress email loop issue when an email could not be delivered

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