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29 augusts, 2022 1 atbilde
Works but button doesn’t show in quick cart (sidebar).
26 jūlijs, 2022 9 atbildes
If any required data fields are not filled in or terms and condition is not checked off Paypal still launches a window and shows loading screen indefinitely. No error or prompt that tells customer they are missing these. Not long ago it would go through the process and ask you to login and then error it trys to process payment. It’s been broken like this for many months. I would give this plugin a negative if I could as I have lost customers and have had customers complain my site is broken. It’s really bad this is the only plugin available if you want to use Paypal payments.
25 aprīlis, 2022 3 atbildes
Why do you stop the support for a plugin that works and replace it with a plugin that doesn´t work (for a unacceptable share of installations)?
25 februāris, 2022 1 atbilde
Refund option only leave manually refunds…
29 decembris, 2021 1 atbilde
This AddOn doesn’t work, it’s crab! Hands off!
25 novembris, 2021 1 atbilde
Didn’t work well on my test web site and very glad I tested first before screwing up my live site. Does not respect the ordering of payment method buttons according to the priority of payment methods configured in Woocommerce settings. Instead, it forces its way to the top, which a complete deal breaker because I also have Stripe (lower fees) and Klarna. Furthermore, it seems you end up on a monthly billing plan when you make the switch, and it’s not reversible!
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