WpStickyBar – Sticky Bar, Sticky Header


WP Sticky Bar help you launch a hero bars that nudge visitors into action. It makes a hero bar that always stays on top of your pages.

This plugin is a good fit if you want to

  • Highlight your promo campaign
  • Highlight a summer season sale
  • Highlight a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale
  • A new product annoucement
  • Increase sales for your campaign
  • Create and host your own announcements bar
  • Have a fancy call-to-action message
  • Have a nice countdown timer based on each user session or based on a static date

Announcements bar Features :

  • Show sticky header on scroll down/up
  • Change promotion text color
  • Change background text color
  • Customize background image
  • Count down timer by static date
  • Count down timer by relative date
  • Mobile responsive sticky bars
  • Mobile responsive sticky bars
  • Specify the location to be displayed on the web page of the hero bar.
  • Disable/visible on Mac
  • Disable/visible on Mobile
  • Disable/visible on all posts
  • Disable/visible on all pages

What to use sticky bars for

Unsure on what to use a sticky bar for? They have a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Announcing new products launch
  • Capturing leads via email opt-in forms
  • Promoting an upcoming webinar
  • Announcing discount codes
  • Sharing flash sales
  • Explaining free shipping thresholds (i.e. “spend $100 for free shipping”)
  • Up sell / Cross-selling relevant products
  • Pushing people to book calls
    …the list goes on.

Check out demo at my pomodoro timer website here


  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png
  • screenshot-3.png
  • screenshot-4.png


  1. Upload the Wp Sticky Bar plugin to your blog, Activate it.
  2. Go to Wp Sticky Bar Page at the left side
  3. Click on Active and Save to enable the plugin


Is the plugin free?

Yes, it’s free

I don’t see the sticky bar after enable the plugin

Please refresh the page 2 times for it to takes effect


13 janvāris, 2023
The plugin proved to be extremely effective, resulting in a significant boost in my website’s sales.
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