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Learning Management System (LMS) Chat Application


WP LMS Conversation is a LMS plugins like LearnPress, MasterStudy LMS, LearnDash, LifterLMS, Tutor LMS, Sensei LMS addons and it’s easy to use. There are many conversation plugins out here but none of theme are easy like this plugin. We don’t like to user with tons of settings and options. We implemented very clean and easy understable setting panel where user can easily set their option. We use Firebase Realtime Database for store chat data. WP LMS Conversation allow to conversation with LMS teacher or other student. It creact individual chat in each course, lesson, quiz etc where student and teacher can join. Enrollment are required for student.



For control options and settings admin should go Dashboard > LMS Chat > Firebase Settings. In this perticular tab, admin can set firebase settings. Admin can get firebase credientials from Firebase Console and more information about Firebase Console available in info tab. Admin can set individual chat availability form each course edit page or can set availability as globaly from LMS Chat > General tab.


👉 Realtime Chat upto 10 user
👉 Realtime Firebase Database
👉 Control teacher authorization of chat in front-end
👉 Firebase Settings option
👉 Text Chat and Image sharing option
👉 Delete already sent message from window.
👉 File Sharing Option
👉 Contributor online / offline status
👉 Incoming message date and time
👉 Incoming message bundle by Date
👉 Control position of chat widget
👉 Visible chat widget after course Enroll and auto login to firebase
👉 Chat window size toggle with contributor list
👉 Group chat option
👉 unread message notification
👉 Individual / one to one Chat option
👉 Admin can capable to erash entire message from firebase database
👉 There have a option to allow user to erash message for her own course
👉 Firebase setting guide in info tab
👉 And many more…


👉 No limitation for chat user.
👉 All featue for free version
👉 Option to delete entire message
👉 Option to allow course author to delete entire message of a course
👉 Option to send email notification to teacher on personal message on chat
👉 Allow teacher to send email notification to all participant using pre built content
👉 Allow teacher to set a chat start and duration time, then a countdown will appear in chat window before start.
👉 Option to set message before start and after end if teacher set start time.
👉 Pro version Link: LMS CHAT PRO


🔗 [Backend Demo](demo url)

What our customer says:

“Appreciable user interface! Customer service and support are beyond words. Thank you for this wonderful plugin “

“It is fantastic! Thanks for this! As I was doing some tries the upload files and delete message by user is not working. Other then those two things the chat looks great and simple to use!”


Find all PRO features


  • Install “lms-chat” plugin and activate it.
  • Go to lms-chat landing page by clicking ‘LMS Chat’ from left menu and set necessary option from general tab.
  • You can got firebase related information from info tab.
  • A teacher / course author can set conversation as allowed or disallowed.
  • In front-end chat icon will show left or right positon.
  • When a user will extend chat, it will look like this.
  • User can extend window if he want.


Installation of “LMS Chat” can be done either by searching for “LMS Chat” via the “Plugins > Add New” screen in your WordPress dashboard, or by using the following steps:

  1. Download the plugin via WordPress.org
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ screen in your WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Is this chat are realtime chat ?

Yes, this chat are realtime chat.

What technology you used for that?

This chat plugin is based on the realtime database of Firebase. Therefore, there is no load on your website and does not slow down the website. Further, the chat/conversation is very fast.

How many student can chat in a single course?

It’s up to 10 student and teacher. But in pro version, it’s unlimited

Can a teacher set chat schedule?

yes, he can. But this is a pro feature. This feature are available in pro version. User can’t chat before schedule.

Is group chat facility are available in this plugin?

Yes, group chat facility are available. Each student can chat / conversation in a single window.

Is individual chat facility are available ?

Yes, participant list are in left side and user can chat with each other from this left window

How can i find a participant in user list?

There have a search box, where anyone can find any user by write her name.

Is any email notification option are available ?

Yes, but this one are pro features. Admin can set a email body in backend and it will send to user when teacher will click a particular button. And there have a option for get email notification to teacher while student will send message to teacher.

Where I can find details information for firebase settings?


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It is fantastic! Thanks for this! As I was doing some tries the upload files and delete message by user is not working Other then those two things the chat looks great and simple to use!
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  • Update tested upto wordpress version


  • Open pro version for free use from github


  • Added a loader in frontend chat icon
  • Added email settings page in backend
  • Modified pro version information
  • Seted limitation up to 10 user in each course for chat


  • Added missing feature “message delete option” in chat window
  • Added information about firebase storage setting


  • Added firebase connection status in Firebase settings tab.
  • Added more information with screenshot about firebase settings in Firebase Guide tab.
  • Change info tab to Firebase Guide
  • Tested plugin upto WP version 6.0


  • Solved firebase database store issues. Saved data to site owner own firebase realtime database.


  • Fix Parse error


  • Fix fatal error on front-end


  • Initial release