SQL Chart Builder


The plugin can create beautiful charts based on your SQL queries, then you can use those charts in any part of your website.
You can use both native wp and non-wp mysql tables in your queries.

Pie chart, Donut chart, Line chart, Bar chart, Column chart, Area chart

How to use

  1. Give any name to your report.

  2. Use our preinstalled chart or create new one yourself: choose desired chart type, type sql query,
    enter field names, labels and then press to Publish/Update

  3. You can use multiple SQL queries too. Just split them by ; sign. You can also add shortcode argument to SQL query. For example if you
    type “select * from wp_posts where ID>{arg1}” then it you can pass arg1 value to the query with [gvn_schart_2 id=”2″ arg1=”11″] shortcode.

  4. After update/save you will see needed shortcode below there. You can use that shortcode anywhere in your website: in pages, posts, widgets etc.

  5. Just check “Show table-view data below the graph” in order to get table-list view below each chart.

  6. Using “Dynamic Filters” you can create dynamic variables inside SQL code. It also creates corresponding dynamic input form above each chart.

Dynamic filters

Use this format: variable_name~default_value~variable_label~variable_type | variable_name~default_value~variable_label~variable_type etc.

  • variable_name – any single name you want.
  • default_value – default value when no any variable chosen by a user
  • variable_label – Label which would be visible at a form above the chart
  • variable_type – number, text or date
  • ~ is a separator between variable elements.
  • | is a separator between variables

For example if to put

limit_tag~10~Count~number | post_date_tag~2010-07-05 17:25:18~Date Published~date,

then you can use this SQL code

select * from wp_posts where post_date<{post_date_tag} limit {limit_tag}

in SQL CODE field.
{post_date_tag} and {limit_tag} would be replaced with dynamic variables.

So, the plugin will automatically recognize it and put corresponding selectboxes above the chart.





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  • My SQL Charts


  1. Upload ‘guaven_sqlcharts.zip’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Go to Dashboard/Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  4. Go to “Dashboard/My SQL Charts” to create new charts. You will also see howtouse guide texts there.


15 augusts, 2023
Great free plugin with very fast support when needed, good performance, lightweight. Absolutely recommended.My favorite for real time visualizations of information from wordpress database. I use it instead of embedding Google Looker Studio reports.
12 februāris, 2023 3 atbildes
Current version of SQL Chart Builder not compatible with PHP 8 and WP 6.1.1. It will block your website immediately after installing.
26 septembris, 2022
A very powerful yet simple to use solution to display chart data directly from SQL queries. Support is first class and very quick if required. I road tested a number of other plugins before choosing SQL Chart Builder and this was definately the leader. 110% recommend.
11 augusts, 2022
This plugin is exactly what I was looking for – a way to display charts of user data on a membership site. It’s the only plugin I could find in the repository that makes charts directly from sql, without requiring a pro version or adding a ton of other functionality. After a quick run through of the SQL tutorials on W3Schools, I was creating just the charts I needed. Will be using this on other sites.
6 jūlijs, 2022
This is a great plugin with great support and help. I needed assistance and they were right there with the solution. Too many of these plugins offer next to nothing in their free version and then say upgrade to the PRO version to do stuff you really want to do. This plugin does what those ask a premium for. As soon as this plugin develops a pro version, I’m getting on board!! I tried a bunch of the chart plugins and this one worked great out of the box. Skip the others.
Lasīt 21 atsauksmes

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Izmaiņu žurnāls

= 2.3.5=

  • 2 bug fixes on chart rendering X axis values

= 2.3.4=

  • Backend improvements on existing features

= 2.3.3=

  • Fixed: PHP warning issue

= 2.3.2=

  • Added: Enable/disable Stackedness of bar charts

= 2.3.1=

  • Added: Enable/disable Legend section in Charts

= 2.3.0=

  • Added: One new chart – Polar Area

  • Added: New small feature – Round Y Axis tick values

  • Improvement: Hashing DB Remote password

= 2.2.2=

  • Added: Custom color support for PIE charts

  • Added: Insert custom chart parameters via Shortcode attributes

= 2.2.1=

  • Small improvements

= 2.2.0=

  • Added width-height support

  • Added “Zero point” to line chart

  • Bugfixes

= 2.1.2=

  • New feature: Remote Database Connection

  • Setting custom & fixed colors for charts

  • Small improvement in table-view component

= 2.1.1=

  • Fixed small bug in Area Charts

  • Chart library has been updated to the latest version

= 2.1.0=

  • Dynamic filters added: You can use dynamic date/number/text filters at frontend.

  • Table-view support added.

= 2.0.4=

Now you can add custom arguments to the SQL query.

= 2.0.0=

  • New non-Google Local Charts added.

  • Use multiple mysql queries in one graph.

= 1.0.0=

  • Uploaded to WordPress.org

= 1.0.2=

  • Little fixes

= 1.0.5=

  • Added WP 4.7 compatibility

  • Fixed “multiple charts in one page” issue.